Don’t have a SSL certificate yet for your website?
It is becoming crucial to have one!

SSL creates the https:// instead of just http://  at the beginning of your URL, with the “s” indicating that your website and all of its pages are “secure”.  Besides seeing the additional “s” in the website URL, you can also spot a secure website by use of the green padlock or similar symbol in front of the website address your Internet browser.

Explained in simple terms, SSL secures a website by encrypting the data communication between the user’s browser and the website server. Until the middle of 2018, SSL was not a necessity unless your website was offering products or services for purchase or you were collecting other vital visitor information.

But last summer, Google modified their search algorithms, starting to rank websites higher that are secured by SSL. In our very competitive Internet market, many website owners since have started using SSL just to get ahead of the competition in terms of SEO. In addition, website visitors using the Chrome browser will start seeing a pop-up with a message indicating that the website they are visiting is “not secure”.

What does this mean for you? Having SSL has been an “option” to rank higher in search results and a way to increase confidence with your visitors.  Now it is becoming a “must-have” as otherwise the pop-ups can deter visitors by making them feel insecure about browsing your website.

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SSL for SEO and customer confidence