Need Leads & Social Media Marketing to
Grow Your Business?

We are excited to provide our small business clients lead generation through professional social media marketing services provided by our partner company KLONE for Small Business.

KLONE for Small Business teaches Small Business a sustainable How-To Program to acquire, grow, and nurture the right number of Leads that offer Conversion opportunities. We explain where to collect these leads and how to nurture them to build a level of trust that will create a service opportunity when a need arises.

First, we mutually agree with the marketing strategy. Then we design a plan to produce only the leads that will comfortably become the clients desired. The plan will include metrics that include how the leads will be acquired and the tactics to build increasing awareness and trust.

Content marketing is vital. We’ll determine the amount, type, and frequency of messaging on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. A monthly eNewsletter will be included. Plus we’ll provide Accountability Reviews to our client’s leadership team.

KLONE can provide a Done-For-You service or provide Client Training if the client likes to become the point for these marketing services. Need to hire a staff member to facilitate your social media marketing and lead generation? We’ll include the recruitment of that future staff member upon request.

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