Web Design & Development Creating Professional Websites for Local Businesses in Sarasota & Manatee County

Operating a small business or medium sized business doesn’t mean your Internet presence has to be “small” or “medium sized”. Your website can look as sleek and professional as the “big” sites, even on a smaller budget. Key is designing a modern look that renders professionally on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) and across different browsers, along with features and easy usability that your customers expect and appreciate.

We will customize your website to meet your expectations!

Do you need a website for a brand new business? Need to have your current website redesigned to be mobile friendly? Need a full featured shopping cart and inventory tracking? Integrate a calendar where people can book & pay for events directly from your calendar? Convert a regular blog into a full featured website? Or any other sort of customization or functionality? We make it happen.

Take full control after the initial development!

With a back-end login to your CMS (WordPress) website you will have full control over your website content with an easy to use interface that will allow you to make text changes, upload pictures, write blog articles, and much more. Every client receives a FREE training session after the website has gone live. Plus, MediaFocus is always available to support you with website updates with a 24-48 hours turn-around (in most cases) — see our unique website maintenance program.

Our goal is to develop a website for you that appeals to your customers and clients, meets your specific business needs, and effectively markets your products and services online. Therefore we make an effort to learn about your business, your clients, your goals – and your competition, to custom design a website for you that is an extension of your company image and an effective marketing tool, converting website visitors into new customers.

CMS & WordPress add customer flexibility and control! A Content Management System (CMS) is a Web application that uses a database back-end to create, edit, and store website content. The advantage of CMS is that it makes creating and editing of content simple and easy. If you are interested in having full control over your website’s content, we will be glad to develop your Internet presence using CMS technology (i.e. WordPress). We will also be glad to provide training so you will be able to use the CMS features to their fullest extend. We want you to feel comfortable with adding content, images, blog entries, and more keeping your website content fresh and up-to-date.

Having a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly is a MUST for two reasons: more people browse the Internet on their mobile devices than on a laptop or desktop computer. If your website is not mobile friendly, the visitor would have to “zoom in” to be able to read text and navigate your site. People no longer take the time to do that, they will move on and find a website which is “easy to read and navigate” on their mobile device. The second reason is that Google ranks websites higher that are mobile friendly!

Header animations and slide shows add visual appeal to the introduction of your company or services and highlight most important facts or benefits. Our website development quotes include design of a header slide show with up to three slides to capture the interest of your visitors.

Would you like to integrate video and sound on your website? No problem. We can integrate Quicktime movies, Windows media player files, iPod files, and YouTube video clips into your website layout. MediaFocus will can you started with a tutorial on creating your own videos and works with a film/video production company should you need a professionally filmed and edited video of your company, products, or services.

MediaFocus can provide you with custom photo shoots, royalty-free photography, and professional photo editing services to create beautiful and effective visual elements & images for your website! Using good quality photography on your website is a must if you like to convey a sense of professionalism that directly reflects on your business. Should you need professional photographs for your website and you are not already working with a photographer, please feel free to use our photography service and let us take images of your business establishment, your products, or services. MediaFocus also offers professional photo editing services for all your existing photographs. Another option is royalty-free photography. We will be happy to point you in the right direction and help you select the perfect images.

Utilizing response forms on your website offers your customers a quick and easy way to contact you, while giving you the option to obtain customer information which you can use for marketing purposes and to better service your customers. Integration with your Mailchimp or Constant Contact account is seamless allowing you to capture vital information. Automated response systems send your customer’s immediate response, without you having to do the work.

Online shopping has skyrocketed. It opened up a whole new market with almost limitless opportunities. If you own a local business offering products, you might consider selling those items to a much larger customer base on the Internet, or you might use the Internet to start a brand new web based business. To conduct business successfully online, you must have a website that is visually appealing with a clear and easy navigation. It must be informative and professional and has to instill a sense of trust in the person visiting your site. Customers should be able to view your products along with product details, add items to a shopping cart, view the shopping cart at any time, make changes to the shopping cart (delete items, change number of items ordered, etc.), and go through a smooth and secure check-out procedure to finalize the sale. If you are interested in an online shopping and e-commerce solution for your business please call us and we’ll be glad to sit down with you and discuss your website needs in depth!

The ultimate goal of most websites is to achieve good organic search engine ranking in order to find new clients/customers or tap into a new or bigger market online, thereby growing their business. We employ all the building blocks that support organic ranking. Learn more.

Your website will feature integrated links to all social media platforms you utilize to support your business, so visitors can easily follow, share, like and post reviews for what they find on your website. Need support with creating and maintaining your social media presence? We offer additional services to help you effectively use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin lead generation to boost online marketing and ranking.

We can install Google Analytics on your website to collect data about your website visitors: where they come from, which keywords they used to find your website, how long they stay on the pages of your website, where they leave from, and much more. Analyzing this data is invaluable for further optimization of your website presence. Receive a free quote for regular SEO services.


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