Website domain names - don't lose your domain name
Losing your domain name can be costly in many ways. Domain name “sharks” snatch up domain names owners neglected to renew in time, then offering you to buy back your domain name for thousands of dollars.


If you can’t buy back your domain name it may have dire consequences for your business. Changing to a new domain name is not easy and can cause you to lose connection with past customers/clients and miss out on achieved SEO ranking on Google, Bing and other important search engines.

How can this happen, you may ask yourself?

Frankly, quite easily. Some business owners leave it up to an employee to register the domain name, which is all good if in fact the employee uses the owner’s email and phone number on the domain name registrar account. But we’ve found that in many cases, the employee’s email was used on the account, and their cell phone number was the recovery phone number or 2-step verification number. Then when personnel changes happen, the renewal notifications are missed, making is all but too easy for a renewal to fail. In some other scenarios, clients have run into a problem because their previous website developer or web design company registered the domain name under THEIR account, and negligence on their part or simply going out of business or just disappearing, put their domain name at jeopardy.

So here are our recommendations to secure your domain name:

  1. make sure your domain name is in a domain name registrar account (i.e. with,, or other registrar) owned by YOU
  2. ensure the Admin email on the account is the company owner’s email address
  3. set your domain name to ‘auto-renew’
  4. put a note on your calendar, once a year (before the renewal date), to check the credit card on the account (expiration, new card details needed?)
  5. have two-step verification enabled with the owner’s phone number

You own your business, make sure you own and have 100% control over you domain name!

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