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Search Engine Optimization

What is the most beautiful website worth if it can’t be found on the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

The ultimate goal of most websites is to achieve good search engine ranking in order to find new clients/customers or tap into a new or bigger market online, thereby growing your business. Flash websites look great with animated text and graphics flying in and out on your screen but did you know that a Flash website can’t be indexed by a search engine crawler? We also like flash animations but we use them for visual effects, as design elements within a website and would never develop an entire website in Flash. This would be a great disadvantag to our Clients when it comes to search engine visibility. At MediaFocus we develop websites embedding flash animations and streaming video when applicable and desired, while ensuring cross browser compatibility.

SEO Techniques

Achieving good search engine placement is influenced by many factors and utilizing all or at least most of the SEO Tools & Techniques listed below, will greatly impact the search engine placement of your website.

  • Optimization of META tags
  • Content Optimization
  • Developing an Effective Linking Strategy
  • Integration of Social Media Marketing
  • Use of Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local
  • Listing in Business Directories
  • Integration of YouTube Videos
  • Increasing Website Traffic

MediaFocus has 19+ years experience and knowledge in developing websites that are optimized for search engine ranking. In addition, MediaFocus informs, advises, and supports all it’s Clients with implementing the SEO tools and techniques mentioned above. Please request our pamphlet “Road to Web Success” which covers in detail the SEO techniques mentioned above.

MediaFocus would like to help you achieve great search engine placement for your website!

Client Testimonials
"... MediaFocus is extremely knowledgeable on search engines and how to position a website ..."

"...We have had new patients on a regular basis come to us as a result of our website..."

"...Media Focus has been instrumental in expanding my business presence on the internet achieving prominent ‘first-page’ Google listing and providing exceptional design quality..."

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