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MediaFocus provides a full range of web design and development services including customized layout design, design & development of CMS sites, graphic design, development of animations, photography and photo editing, video production and integration, online forms and response systems, database driven back-ends, and e-commerce solutions.

Flash Animations

Many of our Clients like the look of flash animations, adding some visual appeal to their web site. We design flash animations for our customers and integrate them into the overall web site design but do not recommend to design your entire web site in Flash. Flash web sites can not be indexed by the search engines, therefore you might have a visually appealing site, but if the search engine crawlers can’t index your content, your ranking will be seriously affected. That’s why we recommend using flash animations as a design elements similar to graphics and images, while developing a web site that is structurally designed and optimized for search engine visibility. In addition we develop animations using jquery which load faster and don’t use up bandwidth, resulting in better website performance.

Integration of Video / Streaming Media

Would you like to integrate video and sound on your website?

No problem. We can integrate Quicktime movies, Windows media player files, iPod files, and YouTube video clips into your web design. MediaFocus will get you started with a tutorial on integrating video and also works with a film/video production company should you need a professionally filmed and edited video of your company, products, or services.

Photography & Photo Editing

Using good quality photography on your website is a must if you like to convey a sense of professionalism that directly reflects on your business. Should you need professional photographs for your website and you are not already working with a photographer, please feel free to use our photography service and let us take images of your business establishment, your products, or services. We use a Nikon D200 with a variety of professional lenses, including wide-angle lenses, zoom lenses, and macro lenses.

If you are interested in a custom photo shoot please let us know and we’ll be glad to provide you with a special quote. We use a Nikon D200 with a variety of professional lenses, including wide-angle lenses, zoom lenses, and macro lenses. You will receive all your high-resolution images on DVD and you will own the exclusive right to those photographs enabling you to use the images for other marketing purposes such as advertisements, brochures, catalogs, etc.

Another source for enhancing the visual appeal of your website is the use of royalty-free stock photography. There are many sources for royalty-free images on the Internet such as,, and many more. MediaFocus also owns it’s own stock photography business at and will be glad to offer you discounted pricing on any images you might want to use from our database.

MediaFocus can provide you with custom photo shoots, royalty-free photography, and professional photo editing services to create beautiful and effective visual elements & images for your website!

Online Response Forms & Automated Response Systems

Utilizing response forms on your website offers your customers a quick and easy way to contact you, while giving you the option to obtain customer information which you can use for marketing purposes and to better service your customers.

Using online response forms is often the preferred method over a simple email link, even though we recommend to offer both. Some visitors prefer filling out a form while others like to send a brief email message. Most of our Client’s websites use online response forms, some very short and simple, some with back-end database integration to capture and store all the information provided by a potential customer, integrated with an automated response system, so your customer can get feedback immediately without you having to do the work.

Development of Database Driven Websites

Does your company offer a variety of different products, or do you want to start a brand new Internet based business selling products online? Then you might want to have your website designed with a back-end database and online maintenance screen.

We can develop a website for you that allows you to maintain your products online. Website maintenance screens will enable you for instance to upload pictures of your products, add specifics such as product name, manufacturer, description, size, price, and much more. We will customize your database to our specific needs.

Online Shopping Carts & E-Commerce Solutions

Internet sales and the number of people searching and buying products online has skyrocketed. It opened up a whole new market with almost limitless opportunities. If you own a local business offering products, you might consider selling those items to a much larger customer base on the Internet, or you might use the Internet to start a brand new web based business.

To conduct business successfully online, you must have a website that is visually appealing with a clear and easy navigation. It must be informative and professional and has to instill a sense of trust in the person visiting your site. Customers should be able to view your products along with product details, add items to a shopping cart, view the shopping cart at any time, make changes to the shopping cart (delete items, change number of items ordered, etc.), and go through a smooth and secure check-out procedure to finalize the sale.

If you are interested in an online shopping and e-commerce solution for your business please call us and we’ll be glad to sit down with you and discuss your website needs in depth!

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