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Every Client receives a complimentary consultation, so we can gather all the information needed to provide you with a free quote and time estimate. If you are too busy to meet in person, we’ll be glad to gather all the information needed by phone and email. We have several Clients that run their business in other Counties, States, and even Countries. Our line of communication is direct and effective.

Our website development estimates are detailed and outline all elements and functionality of your website including layout and design, development of animations, integration of video, photo shoots, image editing, photo galleries, design of shopping cart features, payment systems, database development, calendars, and any other specialty features or functionality, and outlines the time frame for completion of the entire project.

You’ll be surprised how much we can do and still stay within your budget!

Simple, small business websites can start as low as $660. Give us a call and receive an estimate for your web design project.

If your website is not a CMS (WordPress) site which allows YOU the client full control over updating the content of your site or you don’t have the time to update the website yourself, you might be wondering about website maintenance costs. Affordable website maintenance is key to maintaining an appealing website that is always up to date and delivers fresh and timely content! That’s why we have chosen to set our minimum time for website updates to only 15 minutes, which means that at an hourly rate of $60, a small change might only cost you $15.00. Most other web designers will charge an hour minimum, no matter how small the change. We want our customers to have the option to make small changes when needed, without cost becoming a factor.

MediaFocus offers professionalism, creativity, and reliability at an affordable price. Our contracts state that final billing is based on the estimate we provide and that no additional costs will be incurred unless approved by the client. With MediaFocus costs are predictable and there will be no unforeseen surprises.

Call us at 941-504-1968 for a FREE Quote.

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"... MediaFocus is extremely knowledgeable on search engines and how to position a website ..."

"...We have had new patients on a regular basis come to us as a result of our website..."

"...Media Focus has been instrumental in expanding my business presence on the internet achieving prominent ‘first-page’ Google listing and providing exceptional design quality..."

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