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Good search engine ranking is important when trying to find new customers or clients via the Internet (please read “Road to Web Success”) but some of your visitors might come from your advertisements, a business card you handed out, a referral from another customer, a press release you issued, or other. No matter by which means a new visitor comes to your website, once he or she is there, your website has to be effective in marketing your products or services.

Studies report that a visitor spends about 7 to 8 seconds on a landing page (which could be your home page or any other page of your website) until the visitor decides to leave or stay. In these 7 or 8 seconds, your website has to be able to grasp the visitor’s interest.

Studies provide information about how the eyes of a visitor move across a web page, providing pertinent information for the layout and design of every page of your site. Positioning headlines, text, images and videos in the right place, plus the strategic use of “white space”, will guide a visitor’s eyes and increase the chance for locating something of interest that will make the visitor “stay” and explore your website further.

With that in mind, it seems to be of great importance that you choose a web designer with online marketing and content optimization experience. Key to developing a successful Internet presence is having that particular know-how, plus the ability and willingness of your website designer to learn about your business, your goals, and your customers, analyze your competition and develop a website strategy and design concept that will turn visitors into new customers.

After successfully launching your new website, marketing and content optimization have to be an ongoing process. It is of great important to analyze the traffic that comes to your website. Analytics and statistical tools can provide information regarding visitor’s behavior on your website. Details are gathered such as keywords used to find your website, landing pages, how long the visitor stayed on your site, how many pages were visited, which page the visitor left from, how many returning visitors vs. new visitors you are getting, and much more. Special “event tracking” can be implemented to analyze a web page in even more depth, showing for instance how many visitors scroll down to the bottom of a page to see all the information you are providing, how many visitors click on certain buttons or special offers, and much more. This type of information enables your web designer to make modifications to your website over time and continuously improve the effectiveness in marketing your products and services online.

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