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Google is offering a new feature to enhance Google Places listings (the red balloon listings displayed at the top of the search results page) called “Google Tags”.

Local customers can search Google for products and services offered locally. By creating a free business listing with Google Places, you can help searchers find your business more easily. Adding a tag to your Google Places listing allows you to highlight information that you want your customers to see.

For example, your tag can highlight a coupon for new customers, a video about your store, or even a link to your menu. You add to your tag what’s most important about your business and makes your business stands out.

Where and When Tags Display

Tags do not affect search result rankings, they simply add more information to a Google Places listing when it appears in search results. Your business listing will continue to show for the same searches as before but you can highlight the information a customer sees possibly making your listing more attractive, and perhaps increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Tracking Tag Performance

On the Dashboard for your Google Places account, you will be able to see data about how your tag is performing alongside the data about how your listing is performing.

Changing or Deleting Tags

You can change your tag at any time. Let’s say you’re running a coupon for a store opening sale and you create a coupon as your tag, when the sale is over, use the tag to promote your website, specific products or services instead.

If you decide to stop running your tag for any reason, you can do so by viewing your tag in your Google Places account and clicking “Deactivate Tag”. Google will charge you a prorated amount for the portion of the month that the tag was running.

Signing Up for Google Tags

Signing up and adding your tag takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is a verified business listing with Google Places.

The current fee for Google tags is $25 per month.

To sign up for Google tags go to:

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