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The ultimate goal of most websites is to achieve good search engine ranking in order to find new clients/customers or tap into a new or bigger market online, thereby growing their business. Achieving good search engine placement is influenced by many factors and utilizing all or at least most of the SEO Tools & Techniques listed below, will greatly impact the search engine placement of your website.

All search engines develop their own algorithms by which they try to identify a website’s relevance to a specific search term, trying to weed out those that are attempting to spam, and giving good placement to those of greater value. Last year, Google modified their search algorithms more than twice a day. Some of these tweaks may be smaller, others may have a more drastic impact. Therefore, the ranking of a website will constantly change, sometimes ever so slightly, sometimes it might bump a site up or down several spots or even pages. Staying on top of these developments is essential to providing sound SEO services to our Clients.

Achieving and maintaining good search engine ranking is a process over time and the successful implementation of the SEO tools outlined below will have a direct impact. Building a custom website that is search engine optimized, is the basic building block for a sound SEO strategy. MediaFocus will use all its knowledge and experience when designing and optimizing each individual web page of your website.

Please review our brief overview below and feel free to ask us for more details. We’ll be glad to support you with implementing a sound SEO strategy.

SEO Tools & Techniques

Optimization of Meta Tags

META tags are HTML tags which provide information that describe the content of a web page. META tags are not visible to the website viewer but part of the HTML code (source code) the search engine will read and index. META tags include a title tag, description tag, and keyword tag, just to mention a few. It is important to use these tags and optimize them for important keywords. It is imperative to implement a concise structure of META tags throughout all the pages of a website but still keep them unique on every page. As we develop your website, we will employ the latest META tag optimization techniques.

Website Content Optimization

Content optimization of your website is a key factor as the search engines rank your website’s relevancy and importance based on both META tags and as well as the content in relation to the keywords. Keywords used in META tags have to appear in specific places of your content such as headlines, link text, paragraphs, page footer, and more. The strategic placement of keywords throughout the webpage, the keyword frequency and density, as well as the formatting of text that contains keywords (use of bold or headline tags) will greatly impact your search engine ranking. It is not just the home page that has to be content optimized but the entire website should follow a concise optimization concept. Besides content optimization, it is also very important to keep content “fresh”. Search engines recrawl indexed websites on a regular basis. If none of the content has changed since the last crawl, the search engine will rank the website less relevant than another website of equal relevancy where content has changed and appears “fresh”. Implementing features such as a news sections, blogs, special weekly offers or weekly feature articles posted on the home page will help keep your website fresh and relevant. MediaFocus will implement content optimization throughout the website development process.

Creating a Valuable Linking Strategy

Developing a successful linking strategy can serve a dual function: boosting search engine ranking while increasing traffic by bringing new visitors to your site from a source other than a search engine. The idea that only the number of in-bound, out-bound, and reciprocal links (most valuable type of link) matters is false. While the number of links is important, the “quality” of the link is even more important. What impacts the quality of a link is the relevancy of the content of the link site in relation to your keywords and content as well as the popularity of that website (higher traffic websites), and their number of out-bound links. Links should be “relevant” as they have the potential value of directing qualified users to your website, not just for search engine traffic. MediaFocus will be glad to support you with creating an effective linking strategy.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Blogs, and News sites – just to mention a few, has a direct effect on search engine ranking and search engines currently use social voting systems and bookmarking trends to determine quality sites. Google for instance melds it’s universal search results from its Google Web, Image, Video, News, and Blog search sections into one page of relevant information. Websites featuring YouTube videos which received thousands or millions of visits and comments now appear at the top of search results. Also, reviews of the media, have a direct impact on Google first page rankings. When performing local business searches in Yahoo (for instance for “Sarasota Restaurants”) a shortcut is served with links to restaurant categories, neighborhoods and restaurants ranked by the number of user ratings and number of reviews. The more ratings and reviews, the higher the restaurant will be positioned. Also Google aggregates business reviews from different local social sites including CitySearch, AOL and TripAdvisor to determine ranking. The use of social bookmarking services like, StumbleUpon and Magnolia can also help boost search engine ranking.

Social media marketing plays an essential role in affecting current and future search engine rankings. In order to get a Google page 1 ranking, especially for a competitive keyword, it can be imperative to implement a marketing strategy via blogs, social news, and social media sites. You can enhance your search visibility with reviews and ratings. If your business for instance has a storefront like a restaurant, hotel or specialty boutique, motivate customers to rate your services on Yahoo Local, CitySearch, TripAdvisor and other business rating services. Perhaps offer an incentive for your customers to post a review or rating. MediaFocus can help you set up social media websites, submit your website to social bookmarking services, and support you with implementing social media marketing for your business.

Placing Your Business on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local

Placing Your Business on Google Places, Yahoo Local, or Bing Local has become a critical piece to a local business advertising strategy. Map listings are placed at the top of page 1 search results in form of a little map along with tear drop symbols and business listings. They also receive the most prominent search positions in PDA’s, Smart phones, Iphones, etc. The first three listings are often “paid ads” whereas the next seven listings are generic. Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local are critical places for search visibility. Their increasing complexity has made it more difficult for business owners to understand and utilize these tools for their advantage. MediaFocus will be glad to support you in your efforts to get your business listed or help you implement steps to improve ranking.

Increasing Website Traffic

Your website traffic has a direct impact on your website’s ranking. Search engines will factor in the number of visitors to your website when determining relevancy. Many of the tools and techniques mentioned above will aid in increasing the traffic to your website but here are a few additional tips on how to drive traffic to your site:

  • Use your website address on all business communications and promotional materials
  • Issue regular Press Releases (there are free and paid services available)
  • Implement email marketing campaigns
  • Create an online newsletter or news source related to your business
  • Submit informational articles to news websites and blogs
  • Participate in discussion groups relevant to your business
  • List your website in local directories and business directories
  • Run Adwords campaigns (paid online ad campaigns; paid ranking)

META tag optimization and content optimization is included in the cost of developing your website. Support with any additional SEO tools and strategies mentioned above will be quoted separately.

Contact MediaFocus and we will be glad to assist you on your “Road to Web Success”.

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